Whether you’re moving to a new place or just relocating and moving furniture is a quite challenging. Just ask yourself how to make moving a ‘piece of cake’ or ‘cup of coffee’.
As we know, smart work and simple techniques can help you move items easily and without giving pain to your back.

Use head not Back

Animated view of lifting the items

Whenever you lift the heavy items make sure you’re not bending your back and lifting the item with the back straight and item weight on your arm and head.

How to take out the tall items form your tiny door?

A tall filing cabinet, dresser or any other tall item is hard to handle. It a two-man job. When you moving the item towards your door make sure, you tilt the item backwards at a particular angle so it can pass your tinny door. One person has to hold the item from the top( man/woman with tall height), and others have to hold from the bottom (make sure you are not hurting your back). By moving the item with this technique, it centres the weight of the item, and stop the item from swinging out of control.

Use of Straps

Two man using moving straps to lift the heavy item,Do you know about the moving straps, they are a lifesaver. They can get adjusted on different-length and can help you lift the heavy items.