Store It Right: Different Types of Storage Space for Your Belongings

If you’re looking to store your stuff, you’ll be surprised at the number of different options available. Depending on how much storage space you require and for how long, you can pick the right storage option to suit your requirements. Of course, you’ll need to know all about each of the different option available and how they differ from each other.
There are a lot of reasons why a person requires storage space. From moving houses to renovating or downsizing, there are many instances where renting a storage space becomes essential. Knowing the pros and cons of the different storage units available can help you make an informed decision to meet your storage needs. Here’s a quick look at the different storage options available and what makes each one unique.

Outdoor Self-Storage Units

Within self-storage units, there are three options available: outdoor, indoor and mobile. Outdoor self-storage units are storage spaces built like garages. These units are great for storing vehicles such as motorcycles, caravans, boats, mud bikes and so on. They facilitate easy and quick access to your stuff as you can literally drive up to the door of the unit to access your stuff. But be warned that these storage units are not completely weather-proof. So, be careful of what items you store in them. Avoid storing small items, items that require temperature regulation or expensive items in outdoor units.

Indoor Self-Storage Units

view of INDOOR SELF-STORAGE UNITSIndoor self-storage units are, keeping with their names, located inside a building. Most indoor storage units have great security, with access controlled entrances and security cameras in place to monitor activities. Many even offer monitored climate-control, making them the ideal choice for storing items that are sensitive to climate changes (such as wines, upholstery etc). Indoor storage units are perfect for storing furniture and other household items that you want to protect from weather damage.

Mobile Self-Storage Units

If you’re downsizing and need storage space to keep some of your extra stuff, then consider using a mobile self-storage unit. Mobile self-storage units are great when you want a storage unit right in your backyard for easy access. You can choose to have the storage unit at your venue or have it stored at the storage facility (indoor or outdoor). Some storage facilities even offer different sizes, so you can choose one that will fit the stuff that you want to be stored.

Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are the most durable storage container option. Since shipping containers are designed specifically to travel on the sea, enduring bad weather conditions and withstanding rough transportation, they are perfect for storing and transporting your goods. Whether you’re moving house and looking for a big container to transport all your furniture and other items, or whether you’re expanding your business and need a reliable storage solution to temporarily store all the extra inventory, you can opt for shipping containers. The one big con with shipping containers is that they are quite big, making it difficult to transport them to the venues for loading and unloading. But since most storage facilities offer offsite loading and unloading options, you don’t have to worry about it.

Dangerous Goods Storage Container

If you’re business looking for storage containers for paints, oils or other chemicals that are hazardous, then you need a dangerous goods storage container. These are storage spaces specially designed to securely store dangerous substances. With proper ventilation, secure doors and a sturdy build, the dangerous goods storage containers are made to store stock that is liable to spills and leaks. They are a great storage solution for many commercial enterprises that are in need of secure storage of toxic, flammable or otherwise hazardous substances.

Build On Site Storage Unit

Another exciting option in storage units is the on-site build unit. As the name suggests, these units can be built on site. They are easy to assemble and super convenient as you can dismantle, relocate and reassemble them as and when needed. Build on-site storage units are a great storage solution for commercial purposes. If you’ve got goods to be stored but not enough warehouse space, then the build on-site storage unit can come in handy.

Tips for Better Storage

  • When using a shipping container or other storage units for transportation, aim to distribute the weight evenly.
  • If transporting your stuff, make sure you pack the storage unit/container as tightly as possible. Doing this will ensure that your stuff doesn’t have room to slide and move around, thereby minimising damage caused during transit.
  • Always stack the heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top.
  • When storing items in a self-storage unit, be sure to store items that you will need to access frequently at the front. Take your time to determine which items should go to the back and which ones should be at the front. Doing this simple thing while storing your things can save you a lot of time and effort in the future.
  • Find out the yearly, monthly and weekly rental for your storage unit. Most storage facilities offer better prices for longer durations, so make the most of it.
  • If storing furniture, cover them up to avoid damage. Leather and fabric are particularly susceptible to damage when kept in storage for long, so secure them with proper cover to avoid potential wear and tear.
  • If you’re storing vehicles, it is a good idea to take them out now and then. Using the vehicle regularly will ensure that the motor doesn’t die and that the vehicle is in good working condition.

Each storage unit or container has its own set of pros and cons. You need to choose the one that works best for you depending on your storage needs. Once you’ve decided on the type of unit/container that you want, contact different storage facilities to get a quote. When it comes to storage, you should always aim for an effective long-term solution at an affordable price.

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